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Active Air Humidification Management HU-12

  • available for 1-zone premium models upon request. Classic series can not be upgraded.
  • lead time upon request
  • electronically-controlled, air humidification system
  • active control and maintainance of the temperature and the relative humidity inside the wine cooler
£ 316,00
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Active wine cooler humidification — new and unique

Available for 1-zone premium models upon request. Classic series can not be upgraded.

No more worries about dried-out corks and oxidized wine.
When wine coolers work at room temperature, the cooling effect automatically brings the relative humidity inside the cooler to the desired 60% or so for optimal wine storage. However, during the winter months, central heating can dry out the indoor air significantly. The heating system in wine coolers located in cold cellars may also be activated, further exacerbating the dryness of the air. When these dry conditions persist over weeks or even months, the relative humidity within the wine cooler can drop severely enough to cause corks to dry out, letting oxygen into the wine bottle. When this happens, the wine obviously goes very bad, very quickly.

To address this scenario, SWISSCAVE has developed a unique, electronically-controlled, air humidification system, letting the user set the desired relative humidity level between 60 and 80% in the wine cooler. With the sensors, the intelligent control ensures that the desired humidity level is reached and maintained automatically using an humidifier. Thanks to the new convection humidifier, there is much less waterlogging.

SWISSCAVE launched product as a device to actively control and maintain both the temperature and the relative humidity inside the wine cooler.

In the following scenarios it is essential to ensure that the air surrounding the wine is raised to the neccessary level of relative humidity by means of active air humidification management:

  • Normal room temperature (approx. 20° or higher), however, for a longer time period (months) dry air in the room
  • Room temparature of only approx. 12-16°, and room air for a longer time period below 50-55% relative humidity
  • Room is cool (below approx. 10-12°) for a longer time period

Further information on air humidification can be found here.

More Information
Key specifications
Product dimensions (H/W/D) 135 x 480 x 210 mm
Net weight 1 kg
Cooler shape Free-standing or embeddable with shadow gap
Casing Black coated steel
Door glazing Fully-glazed UV-resistant double glass door
Door hinge Right
Door hinge convertible as option (right to left) Yes
Lighting on/off switch Yes
Pull-out front panels Trims in brushed anodised aluminium available in 5 colors
Performance data
Actively managed humidity (adjustment range 60-80%) Humidification module and integrated dehumidification function regulate the humidity to the desired value
Climate classification SN-T
Scope of functions
Optimal usage Long-term storage and aging
User interface 2 digital displays (set and actual temp.)
Fans High-performance, low-noise fan technology
Compressor JP-HE (high efficent)
Coolant R600a (environment friendly)
Defrost function Automatic
Space for oversized bottles (e.g. 1,5lt. Magnum, 3lt.) On top and bottom shelf
Active carbon filters (ensuring optimal air quality) Yes
Temperatur Memory Function (Power failure) Yes
Condensation water container Yes
Acoustic temperature alarm Yes
Acoustic door alarm Yes
Vibrationfree implementation Yes
Tilt protection Yes
Feet adjustable to compensate uneven floors Yes
General Information
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