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Display Shelves for Optimum Wine Presentation

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Beech Wood or Sapele (Mahogany)

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Product Description

Tilted racks made from beech wood or high-grade, natural sapele wood (mahogany) for optimal wine presentation or ideal temperature control for opened bottles. The racks glide easily on steel ball bearings and can be locked. Presentation racks feature wide, decorative grip bars, as well as a structure for precise bottle storage.

The presentation racks are structured so that 6 Bordeaux bottles on each rack are prominently displayed in a tilted position (for Burgundy shelves 5 bottles). The tilted position allows you opened bottles of wine to be stored at an optimal temperature in the wine cooler. Behind the 6 tilted bottles, there is room to store another 10 – 12 additional bottles (WL450), providing optimum usage of the available cooling volume.


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One-time £12.00-£16.00(depending on the destination country), also if ordered together with a wine cooler


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