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Black Edition Dual Zone Wine Cooler WLB-450DFLD with Gastro Furnishing (124-210 BOT)

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Perfect bottle display, luxurious look and feel

Product Description

An ambience that turns your wine cooler into a showpiece, in particular the prominently displayed wines on the display shelves. The ‘GASTRO’ furnishing features 6 high-grade, natural sapele (Mahogany) wood racks, as well as subtle lighting throughout the cabinet. All racks from top to bottom are bathed in soft, warm, amber light which makes the wine cabinet a visual magnet. No additional lighting is required to read the labels on the bottles on the presentation racks (where the bottles are in a slightly tilted position) or the extended flat racks. The presentation racks are structured so that 6 bottles per rack are prominently displayed in a tilted position. The tilted position allows you to keep already opened wine bottles at optimal temperature in the wine cooler. Behind the respective 6 tilted bottles, there is room to store 10 – 12 additional bottles, which allows for optimum usage of available cooling volume

Brandnew product – please inquire about current delivery times. Available with 14 horizontal shelves or a combination of display and horizontal shelves.



  • Content: 450 litres (210 standard Bordeaux bottles when using 4-5 shelves, 124 standard bottles with 6 display trays)
  • 6 racks made from natural Sapele (Mahogany) wood, extendable and lockable, featuring steel ball bearings, broad, attractive grip bars, structure for precise bottle storage, 1 fixed shelf, 2 platforms for storing 1.5L and 3L bottles
  • Black anodized steel doorhandle, fully-glazed UV-resistant double glass door with a filigree precious black metal frame rim, door opens to the right (reversible)
  • LED lighting at top and on both sides in the front, extending the entire height of the cooler; colour: amber, with on/off push button (no additional external light sources required)
  • Casing: on the outside black steel, on the inside black aluminium
  • Security door lock
  • Active carbon filter: ensures good air quality
  • Temperature range: 5-12 degrees (upper zone) and 12-22 degrees Celsius (lower zone),temperature delta betw. zones >= 4-6 °
  • Humidity: > 60 %
  • Electrical: 220V/50 H/ca. 0.4 kWh per 24h, compressor cooled
  • Audible noise: 35dB (A), sound-absorbing recommendation
  • Cooling unit driven by a JP-HE compressor (high efficient)
  • Compressor-driven combined active/passive convection cooling provides optimized temperature control
  • Vibration-free, rubber bearing compressor
  • Automatic defrosting/container for condensation water
  • Electronics; 2 digital displays ( target, actual temp. ) With Celsius, Fahrenheit switch, LED interior lighting
  • Powerful Winter heating function
  • Safety; at too large temperature fluctuations a temperature alarm starts
  • Dimensions: 60cm wide, 70cm deep and 180cm high
  • Weight: 95kg
  • Adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floors
  • Energy efficiency class A, Climate classification SN, CE certified
  • Notice: Touching raw tropical wood with your hands will leave marks on the wood surface, but this is simply a part of it being a natural product. Over time, a patina develops that gives the wood its true character. The hand grips may also be treated with wood oil, depending on your preference. If neither option is desired, please choose a model featuring a finished/lacquered wood


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