Home delivery using dolly/hand truck (Switzerland only)

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Delivery into the cellar, garage, or to a higher floor using an elevator (delivery option only available in Switzerland)

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Product Description

With this delivery option, the driver will deliver the unit using a dolly or hand truck from the curb to the desired location on the ground floor (cellar, garage) and deposited there. If a large enough elevator is available, the unit can be delivered to a higher floor and deposited there. The unit will be left in its packaging.



Currently only available in Switzerland.

Public access to the unloading zone must be warranted.

Access to the unit unloading zone must be free of clutter and the area must be large enough to allow the delivery person to manoeuvre the hand truck (no thresholds etc.).
The unit will be delivered to the desired location, provided that it is accessible by hand truck and does not involve any thresholds. The unit will be left in its packaging.


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