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Wine Stopper with Vacuum


Product Description

Wine that has been opened, but will not all be drunk immediately quickly loses aroma, may change its taste or may even oxidize, making it undrinkable within a day or even within hours. This results in an unfortunate loss of good wine. Vacuum combined with cooling is the most efficient and cost-effective method for preserving opened wines. According to relevant tests, even red wine, which otherwise would become unfit for human consumption within a day, can be drunk even a week after having been opened, if kept in the refrigerator under vacuum, even for several days, depending on the wine, without the wine quality deteriorating rapidly. SWISSCAVE WINEPROTECT conserves opened wines by means of a vacuum.

The metal pump with its long stroke not only looks impressive, it allows the preservation of wine with a few pumping movements. The stoppers seal the bottle opening tightly. They are easy to unlock by pressing down lightly from above on the button at the top.


Technical specifications

  • wine pump made of precious metal
  • Simple, quality design – fits comfortably in your hand
  • Long stroke (a few pumping movements are enough)
  • 2 sturdy stoppers with vent and unlocking button


Pricing & Shipping

One-time £7.00 (dependent on country), also if ordered together with a wine cooler or humidor.


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