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Black Edition Wine Cooler WLB-250F (70-90 BOT)

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Optimal for wine storage, optically captivating

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Product Description

The Black Edition series is designed for a completely simple, puristic appearance. This wine cooler can also be used without a door handle, which makes it optically perfectly centered. If desired, display shelves guaranteeing the full view of the wine labels, can be ordered in the ‘Accessories’ section.


Product Specifications

  • Content: 238 litres (90 standard bottles (Bordeaux) when using 1-2 shelves, 70 standard bottles with 9 trays)
  • 8 wooden pull-out racks on steel ball bearings, lockable (with structure to position the wine bottle precisely), 1 fixed shelf, platform for storing Champagne and Magnum bottles
  • Black anodized steel doorhandle, fully-glazed UV-resistant double glass door with a filigree precious black metal frame rim, door opens to the right (reversible)
  • Casing: on the outside black steel, on the inside black aluminium
  • Security door lock
  • Active carbon filter: ensures good air quality
  • Temperature range : 5 – 22 degrees Celsius
  • Humidity: > 60 %
  • Electrical: 220V/50 Hz,/ca. 0.33 kWh per 24h/compressor cooled
  • Audible noise: 35dB (A), sound-absorbing recommendation
  • Cooling unit driven by a JP-HE compressor (high efficient)
  • Vibration-free, rubber bearing compressor
  • Compressor-driven combined active/passive convection cooling provides optimized temperature control
  • Automatic defrosting/container for condensation water
  • Electronics: 2 digital displays (target/actual temp.) With Celsius/Fahrenheit switch, LED interior lighting
  • Powerful Winter heating function
  • Safety: at too large temperature fluctuations a temperature alarm starts
  • Dimensions: 60cm wide, 60cm deep and 124cm high
  • Weight: 63kg
  • Adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floors
  • Energy efficiency class A, Climate classification SN, CE certified


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