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SWISSCAVE wine coolers allow extendable racks to be easily removed and replaced. No tools are required.

Removing the rack:
Note the small plastic springs of the metal guides on both sides of the extended rack. (See picture). With your fingers, push the left spring upwards and the right spring downwards so that the rack can be completely pulled out from the guides. This requires a little tug.

When replacing the rack, make sure the rack is inserted straight into the guides and then pushed all the way into the back. It is easiest to align the rack with two people. The rack should glide freely on the ball bearings.

We recommend keeping every second or third rack in its original position to avoid putting too much weight on any single rack. The bottom, and with the 2- zone model the intermediate floor as well, can hold extra weight (e.g. 5 to 6 layers of bottles).

When several layers of bottles are placed on top of each other, it is important to note that the bottles at the back do not make contact with the cooler’s back wall (cooling system).

How to easily remove extendable racks from the wine cooler