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Can SWISSCAVE wine coolers be built-in?

Can SWISSCAVE wine coolers be built-in?

They can be.

Now the products of SWISSCAVE are available in elegant black – neither too dark nor too pale. This creates the perfect opportunity for your wine cooler to simply stand there and look good; the wine cooler as aesthetic model. Who needs a Giacometti if they’ve got a SWISSCAVE wine cooler? Joking aside, there’s no question a wine cooler needs space. And space is at a premium. For this reason SWISSCAVE wine coolers are designed to be built into a kitchen unit or row of cabinets, or placed in a recess. Saving space. Not only that: the famous ‘fridge hum’ caused by the cooling system can be clearly muffled by installation.

It’s important here to understand air circulation. Only through this can the wine cooler work effectively. Some ventilation slots are located near to the floor below the glass door at the front and should never be covered. In addition, airflow requires an additional 10cm space behind the cupboard in order to float up. This also occurs as an opening (circa 10 x 60cm or the equivalent) at the upper half of the cupboard, so that warm air can escape. For an installation, a wide shadow gap, e.g. at the ceiling, or via simple ventilation slots, can be used. Adequate rear ventilation is essential.

If you are not aiming to just look at your wine but also occasionally taste it, don’t forget when planning that the door at the hinge side, normally on the right side for SWISSCAVE products, opens to around 1.5cm. Here there are two options. You can either connect the wine cooler with the remaining row and to compensate place the glass door frontally at its width of 4cm. There is the other option of connecting the wine cooler’s glass front with the other cupboard and kitchen unit fronts. If choosing this, for optimal installation you leave a shadow gap of around 2cm of room to play with, either on the right or all the way round. Your love of wine will thank you.

Measures for the wine coolers are found here.