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Becoming a wine connoisseur - how to learn to really enjoy wine

Becoming a wine connoisseur - how to learn to really enjoy wine

In the current crisis, many are looking for new ways to make their time at home as comfortable as possible. More and more people are discovering the diverse world of wine. But how should you enjoy wine? What makes the crucial difference between a beginner and a wine connoisseur? Are there any rules that a real expert should follow? Or is it all just a matter of personal taste?

Below are some explanations of how those interested in wine can best find their way around their new hobby.

About "fat snails" and "full body"

One point that can be intimidating to many beginners in the field of oenology is the terms used to describe the flavors.

As with every hobby, wine enjoyment has developed its own language that includes various technical terms. The reason is that generic terms are often not sufficient to provide an accurate description. A scratchy throat can indicate, for example, unripe grapes or cheap drinking wine, in which extreme bruising of the grapes has caused tannin from the stones to get into the wine. Sometimes, however, scratching simply means that there are a lot of tannins in it, which can be a requirement in a good red wine so that it develops and refines its full aroma over the years.

In order to differentiate here, finely tuned descriptions are necessary. For example, the "body" describes the perceived space that the wine occupies in the mouth. If this is felt to be less substantial, but not watery, "slim" is the appropriate description. In the case of very substantial wines, some wine connoisseurs speak of a "fat snail."


The right glasses

The three-glass concept is very well established, in which a white wine glass tapering towards the top, a slightly larger red wine glass and a rather thick-bellied burgundy glass are used.

The market has its own glass for almost every type of wine, and some wine connoisseurs avidly take advantage of this offer. Ultimately, everyone decides for themselves how they want to enjoy wine.
However, it is undisputed that a wine glass should basically be curved outwards and have an opening that is significantly smaller than the overall diameter. For some time now, medium-sized universal glasses have also been enjoying increasing popularity, as the majority of today's white wines are more flavorful and full of flavor, and can therefore develop their taste optimally in a slightly larger glass. Red wines, on the other hand, often come into their own in a glass that is not too bulky.

A wine connoisseur first perceives the color, luster and transparency of the wine. Then the aromas are felt with the nose before the wine is tasted in the mouth. At the end the wine is swallowed and the persistent finish is perceived. It is often surprising, not only for beginners, how much different smell and taste can be.

The right drinking temperature and storage

One of the most important aspects to which SWISSCAVE is committed is the ideal climate for storing and enjoying wine. An important aspect is the temperature.

Red wine is best consumed at a temperature of around 16-18 degrees Celsius, while white wine is enjoyed at 10-12 degrees. Well-developed, heavy white wines can even be slightly warmer in order to optimally develop their aromas.

Many wines benefit from longer storage so that they can continue to mature in the bottle and thus become finer and rounder. A constant temperature of approx. 12 ° is of great importance for this. For long-term storage, a humidity of approx. 60-70 ° is also important so that the cork cones do not dry out and the wine is damaged by oxidation.

SWISSCAVE for optimal wine enjoyment

SWISSCAVE uses many years of experience and expertise as well as a great passion for wine to develop high-quality wine coolers and wine coolers. Attention is paid to perfect temperature and humidity control so that even high-quality wines can be stored for decades without any problems. Thanks to their sophisticated technology and attractive appearance, SWISSCAVE products are suitable for both beginners and experts.