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Wine sommelier - what does he do and why do we need them?

Wine sommelier - what does he do and why do we need them?

The term sommelier comes from the French-speaking area and means "wine waiter". In restaurants, the sommelier's job is to buy the wines, to store the stocks properly and to train the staff and trainees in the field of oenology. Furthermore, he advises both the customer and his own managing director on changes in the stocks in the wine cellar.

The wine sommelier is responsible for events related to wine, which are rounded off with a tasting and additional food offers. He knows the vintages of different wines and can perfectly assess which plants go with which delicacies. The knowledge that the sommelier uses to design the wine list and give individual advice to guests has been learned in specialist training and is also regularly refreshed in further training. In a well-run restaurant, the wine sommelier is indispensable and with his skill he keeps the enjoyment of the guests at the highest standard.

What skill is behind the work of a sommelier?

Anyone who has ever sought advice from a wine sommelier on a multi-course menu will appreciate the expert's great knowledge. A perfect feast is directly related to the accompanying wine. The taste of the food is emphasized by the right wine, which must be served at the right temperature. The wine sommelier knows the different flavors of the wines and knows exactly which drinking temperatures should be observed.

By regulating the temperature, opening the wine and letting it breathe at the right time, the perfect wine enjoyment can be achieved. With the wide range of products in the wine cellar, the wine sommelier has a great deal of responsibility for what are often very high material assets. If you want to treat yourself to a special culinary delight on an evening in the restaurant, you can trust the sommelier. He has the most successful tips and the necessary know-how to make the most of a restaurant visit.

How do you become a wine sommelier and what knowledge do you have to learn?

You become a sommelier through specialist training in oenology. The wine expert must be familiar with all things relating to the production of the wines, the characteristics of the different vintages and grape varieties and, above all, the presentation of the wines to the guests. He should be able to describe the wine technically and offer the guests an understandable and sales-promoting picture of the best wines in the restaurant.

The aim of the wine sommelier is to advise the guests. They should purchase the offered wine on the basis of competent advice and round off the dish with a good drop. The sommelier manages the restaurant's stocks and instructs waiters in how to present the wines. The sommelier also offers the guests a little entertainment, because the presentation of the wines entertains their curiosity about tasting the wine on offer.

The right serving temperature is a crucial issue. The sommelier knows exactly how to let the wines bloom to full taste at the right temperature.

SWISSCAVE multi-temperature wine cabinets as a helpful companion for the sommelier

SWISSCAVE, a Swiss specialist with years of experience in the manufacture of wine coolers and temperature control cabinets, is dedicated to helping the sommelier. Thanks to the outstanding quality of SWISSCAVE products, many sommeliers have a real partner at hand who makes their art possible. It is about two topics: storing wines and serving them afterwards. The conditions for correct storage differ from correct tempering to the desired serving temperature. Here, SWISSCAVE engineers not only bring the necessary, long-term competence and experience into play, but also, as true wine lovers, the passion to get the best out of your wines.